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Tomcat BrothersPiotr Jabłoński

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EDIT : Unfortunately, I have to remove the free download link. The track has been signed on a label and is likely to get a proper release soon. More infos asap!

Thought I would go and make you a new free track to thank you all for the support.

This one is more in a trip-hop kinda vibe, mainly inspired by Zero 7, Moby, …

See this is a token of my appreciation for all the support you all have been giving me lately! You guys are awesome! ‘s new EP is now out through his BandCamp, including collabs with and myself!

Grab it here :

Mastering by my brother →

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"Friday Night" from Reva DeVito’s debut EP, coming this summer on HW&W.

Listen/purchase: Comin’Soon by H-One