Photog by Peter Vidani
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engineer - justin elwin

master - abt

Wayniac Monday No. 6

Produced by myself.

Additional vocals by Quelle Chris and Zeroh

Artwork by Gangster Doodles

Hailing from Wroclaw (PL) DJ and producer. Participant Red Bull Music Academy 2013 in New York.
Resident of Mad-Hop’s compilations this time he’s coming up with his brand new ep “Runaways” on 2nd of September 2014.

Truth be told, En2ak’s solo material evades clear-cut contextualizing. Invigorating beats in line with the latest trends seem to form a mere base for fine and exceptional musical mastery of nuances. It accounts for much more than just an effortless and straightforward background sound. En2ak manages to keep the undemanding, schematic and simplified drum and melody patterns at bay. Ornamental details prevail.

En2ak shared the stage with Flying Lotus, Thundercat, DJ Vadim (and The Electric), Bonobo, Eprom, fLako, Sun Glitters, Young Montana?, Igor Boxx, King Cannibal, Redinho, Robot Koch, Paul White, 1000 Names, KRTS, Om Unit, DJG (Grenier).

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This is my first EP ‘The Mist’. I decided to put together a selection of songs from the deeper and darker sides of dubstep and drum & bass.
Hope you all enjoy the EP!